The Self Care Maven Goals and Interests …

Sharing my experience, strength and hope for our people’s and our world’s healing! Whether the story’s I choose to share bring a giggle, smile, or shudder, it’s the little pearls of wisdom I am aiming for, the ones you find interesting or pleasing.

Mentally Wellness is a BIG Topic and at the core of much of my work. My aim is to live my life in a way that makes people want to be better. Healthier. More of service to others less fortunate. They are everywhere. Let me be an example of a healthy adult! With my mountain of handouts and playful anecdotes as my guides.

The healing process from illness to wellness is not easy, but tools and techniques for personal healing can be very hard work! I’ve been doing it since age five. Luckily, Finally, the great neurological scientists caught up with meditation, quantum physics and a now, fluid, new waves of psychological thought are almost mainstream!

This is what has happened for me! My apologies for being verbose. I am not sorry for being myself. I’m grateful to be far from the stresses that used to consume my energy.

I have no desire to revisit my past or ruminate over mistakes. I’ve found freedom from the bondage of self, again; my self care practice is fluid and changeable. I am forever grateful to the 12 steps- – for through them I learned to parent myself. I am grateful to have the gift of structure, kindness and self- forgiveness learned in many meetings.

Love is all that matters.

Understanding how the grim times in my life are now my greatest teachers is a blessing of aging!

Imagine how great it feels to recover from near insanity and death, only to ignite excitement and joy for a new life of interests, finding peace and hope!
I pray the words and insights touch your heart.

My journey has had countless arduous twists, a lions share of romantic love interests. I am blessed to have processed this stuff with a professional, so I will be sharing a few NDA’s and Angel Encounters. I’m quite certain I have been covered and carried by them all my life! I’m blessed with many skills to share!

before I can get to the business of helping others learn how to manage the lives they have been dealt. Iservice; helping others manage their emotional health with chronic pain, chronic mental health issues and with

The gifts I’ve been learning- like how to help my self first, that breaking the cycle of codependency is at the root of my heart and problems. I see narcissistic people a mile away and avoid them if I can.

By recovering from narcissistic abuse, I think I can be of service for others not yet down the road as far. I’m a success story, a precious gift from which others may draw from inspiration. I pray that I can inspire others to do the work necessary for emotional freedom from life’s many repeated traumas.

May I feel the light and weight of my ancestors prayers- – their hopes that my life be better than their own.
May we know the joy of a heart brimming in love! May we know safety and sanity in this lifetime. May we sing silly songs, eat bone broth soup, and comfort the weary warrior.

Even in the midst of pandemic, may we be abundantly blessed. May I be enthusiast. Knowing that well-being is in the “being” of humanity. Warts and all. I will continue to evolve, and brightly glow. I do hope you find yourself in a better mood than when you first got here! Blessings